Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Nathalie Collantes at Videodanse !

"Vincent et Nathalie à Beaubourg" is shown on December 21 at 20h35; also every day, all day long, in the Vidéodanse installations.

Faz, an experimental video film by Nathalie Collantes will be shown at Vidéodanse-Pompidou Centre on december 24 at 16h30 and on December 30 at 15h55. It has been made in 2000 from rushes of Algo sera films -choreographic piece- and is part of the programme Tribute to Vincent Druguet, symbolic dancer of the French contemporary dance died in April 2010.

Friday, December 30

 Tribute to Vincent Druguet, dancer
15h45 Tribute to Duboc, Vinz and Nath, 8'
15h55 Faz, by Nathalie Collantes, 10'
16h05 Projet de la matière, Odile Duboc and Françoise Michel,58'
17h05 Ascension, Boris Charmatz, 17'
17h20 Vincent and Nathalie ,Vincent Druguet and Nathalie Collantes, 33'
17h55 Portrait, Claudia Triozzi & Vincent Druguet, 23'
18h20 Meublé sommairement, 2000, Dominique Bagouet, 70'
19h30 Ode, Vincent Druguet and Stéfany Ganachaud, 7'

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