Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Premiere of 'I not I' by Colette Sadler

I NOT I by Colette Sadler will have premiere on February 3rd and 4th at Sophiensaele Berlin. Other performances will follow at Tramway Glasgow on March 9th and 10th.
This new piece by british choreographer brings together 3 dancers and one musician.

I not I lives within an installation for theatre that invites the audience to venture into a world of the familiar unfamiliar that manifests itself in the chaos of gesturing the inanimate. Colette Sadler ask’s “Which forms and meanings are left to discover when one disassociates the ‘human’ from the body and its gestures?”,
In this dance performance Sadler creates hybrids by amplifying the peripheral bodies in oneself: animal, machine, object, and mineral. She pushes the performers into the experience of being outside one’s body, of living it as a foreign entity. Limbs and gestures cut loose gain a life and truth of their own, moving into the realm of uninhabited forms and meanings. 

I not I
Concept / Choreography : Colette Sadler
Performance/choreography : Assaf Hochman, Maxwell McCarthy, Yohei Yamada
Light / Stage design : Raphael Vincent  
Sound : Noid
Dramaturgy : Jeroen Peeters

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